15 April ~ 2021

Hello Teachers and Students! Below is my spring 2021 story for the students in the classrooms I would normally visit. It is a fairy tale titled "Jorinda and Joringel", which was collected and then written down by the Grimms Brothers in 1812. Fairy tales are some of the favorite stories I tell, and I particularly like this one because it has a strong sense of place, set in the woods where a witch has put a spell on the land around a castle. In it are two young sweethearts, who use dreams and magic from the natural world to survive. I recorded the story on April 15th in the evening in front of the campfire, when me and the dogs were on a short backpacking trip.

Happy spring! I hope everyone is doing well. It would be wonderful if things get back to normal and we could tell stories in the classrooms next fall! Thanks for listening, be well, and enjoy the summer!

( .. set your youtube video to HD for the best quality - click on the tool in the bottom right to change it. Also, move your mouse pointer off the video to hide the title so it doesn't get in the way. ) See more photos from my backpack trip below the videos.

Click on the links below to read Jorindel and Joringel or other Grimm's Fairy Tales, or for more information about the trees, mountains, dogs, night skies, and camping that you saw in the video:

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