19 December ~2018

I am working through my 12th year of doing stories in elementary schools. Sometimes it feels like a job because I spend so many hours reading to find a new story each month. It has to be one that I have a connection with,which means it usually has a place-based theme, and is often about adventure and animals. I tell in anywhere from 15 to 20 classrooms each month, depending on the teacher's schedules. It keeps me busy, and makes me feel like I am giving back to the community by sharing my time and interests. After the story is done I show some photos on my 18 inch Samsung Tablet, related to the story. (Saving the photos until the end enables the children to develop story images on their own, which I have read encourages creativity for them). I also show photos of my mountain and ocean adventures, and of course of my border collies>

  • 5/20/20 Early Morning Backpacking in Grizzly Country (Spellbinders Online Story due to Covid-19 shutdown)
  • 4/26/20 John Muir and Stickeen (Spellbinders Online Story due to Covid-19 shutdown)
  • 5/21/19 End of School Year 2018/2019