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10 November ~ 2019

I was lucky enough to get a good horse while trail riding near Jackson. My guide Emily took us to the top of a ridge, where there was an awesome view of the Tetons. I never quite understood all the riding people do in enclosed areas or barns. It cannot compare to being on a trail, and the freedom and beauty of riding up and seeing that landscape appear.

Trail rides are perfect for getting to know someone. Emily said she was from Tennessee, and is going to miss trail riding when the season ends in a few days. She also likes to swing dance at the Cowboy Bar in Jackson.

It is probably safer to not ride alone, which going on trail rides with a guide ensures. The horse I leased two summers ago had a phobia about being on the trail alone, and eventually he made me pay for taking him out without other horses. One morning he was full of energy and bucked when I first got on him. We had a good ride, but on the way back from Chatfield State Park he shied at something and I could not hang on. Fortunately I held on to the reins and he calmed down real quick.

“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.” ― Alice Walker