21 May ~ 2019

On friday I finished my last story for the 2018/19 school year. This year might have been the best yet for me, because I came across some wonderful young people's books to model my narratives from. I found most of them by browsing goodreads.com, and particularly viewing the 'readers also enjoyed' recommendations for books I already liked. My favorite retellings were from The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver, and Louisiana's Way Home by Kate Decamillo. (Snow Child and Wolf Brother were 2-month stories). I told several short stories for Halloween, including a Brothers Grimm one - the Juniper Tree, which the kids really seemed to like, because it was scairy. (I had to lessen the scairy parts for the younger kids).

It is such a wonderful experience to have as my retirement 'job' (volunteer) telling stories to bright and inquisitive children, and interacting with their kind and appreciative teachers. Many of the teachers had the students write thank you letters again this year. I keep the letters from all the years together, and consider them a legacy of maybe doing a little good in this life.

I am busy starting my gardens and building a raccoon-proof chicken run for 9 baby chicks. I still manage to walk the Greenbelt every morning though. Below is a sampling of some of the photos I have taken this spring. As soon as I am done with the gardens and chickens, I am looking forward to having some mountain time with the dogs.