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30 ~ January 2022

Instead of going dancing on a November Saturday night, I went on an overnight backpack trip with the dogs. I wanted to spend my first morning at age 70, on my birthday, up at the edge of wilderness. It felt right to be immersed in the nature that has inspired me all these years, and with my border collies who truly love and care about me.

I climbed up to a flat mesa on a ridgetop, a place I have been camping on for many years. I went to the west edge and found a new spot, a little more hidden, on the uphill, level side of a large boulder. This is the first time I ever encountered somebody else there, two climbers passing through on the way to a climb.

After a long and peaceful night’s sleep, I got up early to sit by the campfire and watch the dawn progress in the east while the full moon went down in the west.

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“Wherever you go, go with all your heart"