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1 January ~ 2020

The dogs and I went up to the mountains for a winter camp in a Ponderosa Pine woodland. I got the tent set up before snow started on Monday afternoon. It was incredibly beautiful to witness the 5 inches of snow coming down in just a couple of hours.

The snow stopped about dark and our night in a January camp was very cold, in the mid teens. I had brought along a small tent heater, that I turned on three times during the night. I also got a good fire going in the evening in an old campfire ring beneath a rock overhang.

We all came home tired, since it takes effort and energy to be out in the cold that long. After a couple of days of rest though, I am was glad I managed to break our comfortable routine here at home and get up there for a memorable time.

Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance.” ― Yoko Ono