17 June ~ 2019

Although it doesn't always seem like it, I am never at a loss with having something to do around the house or yard - when you are retired it doesn't mean you won't find things to fill the time. Lately it has been starting my gardens and finishing a chicken run and elevated hutch, so that my chickens can survive the raccoons when I am out of town. And then once that is all done, there are always plenty of good movies and tv shows on Amazon Prime and Netflix. I force myself to pick up a book between my work and turning on the TV. I have a lot of good ones waiting to be read.

But I left all that behind this week, and spent it at a old cabin in the mountains that had no water or electricity. The dogs and I hiked and explored from first light, and then around noon or 2pm, came back to eat and sit around the cabin. I was reacquainted with clouds drifting by in the Colorado blue, and the cool breezes sounding in the aspens on both sides of the cabin. I found time to practice throwing a rope, play the harmonica, and to do lot more reading. Mostly though, I just immersed myself in the mountain summertime and the love of my three good dogs